Active Measures #36 – Salve Regina University’s Pell Center

Facebook & Other Online Disinformation

  1. Facebook Auto-Generates Videos Celebrating Extremist Images | Desmond Butler & Barbara Ortutay | Associated Press
  2. Instagram Will Begin Blocking Hashtags That Return Anti Vaccination Misinformation | Casey Newton | The Verge
  3. Whistleblower Says Facebook Generating Terror Content | Glenn Chapman | Yahoo News
  4. Facebook Will Open Its Data Up To Academics To See How It Impacts Elections | Charlotte Jee | MIT Technology Review
  5. Artificial Intelligence Is Creating A Fake World — What Does That Mean For Humans? | Bernard Marr | Forbes
  6. Fake Joe Biden Site: Oppo Research Masquerading as Parody | Chris Zappone | Cold War Daily

FBI Director Chris Wray Testifies

  1. FBI’s Foreign Influence Taskforce Readies for 2020 While Russia Is ‘Upping Its Game’ | Jerry Dunleavy | Washington Examiner
  2. FBI Director Wants To ‘Up Our Game’ On Election Interference | Todd Ruger | Roll Call
  3. Marco Rubio Presses FBI Director on Election Security, Parkland Shooting | Kevin Derby | Florida Daily
  4. FBI Says It’s Working With Silicon Valley To Stop Election Meddling | Donie O’Sullivan | CNN

Countering Russian Efforts In The U.S.

  1. Justice Department Wins Lawsuit Demanding Radio Station Register As Russian Agent | Eriq Gardner | The Hollywood Reporter
  2. Broward County Elections Office Confirms Two Emails Sent By Possible Russian Hackers Identified In Mueller Report | CBS
  3. The Russia Investigation Will Continue | John Sipher | The Atlantic

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