How to Think about Data in 2019

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Les Stats, C’est Moi – Data in 2019

Economist, December 22nd, 2018

This Economist article (also posted here) is a reminder of the increasing relevance of cognitive security.  Several highlights:

Data is an abstract concept, technical and intangible. Far more solid is the idea of identity. It is only when data is understood to mean people that individuals will demand accountability from those who seek to know them.

– The question is not whether someone is doing something wrong. It is whether others can do wrong to them.

– The fossils of past actions fuel future economic and social outcomes. Privacy rules, data-protection regulation and new laws surrounding the use of algorithms are crucial in protecting the rights of individuals. But the first step towards ensuring the fairness of the new information age is to understand that it is not data that are valuable. It is you.

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