IPA Rolls Out New Order of Hermes Categories; Nominations Can Be Submitted At Any Time

The Information Professionals Association has expanded the categories for its Order of Hermes award, an honorary award that recognizes individuals for exceptional service and contributions in the field of cognitive security.

There are three Order of Hermes recognition levels: Gold, Silver, and Rising Star. The Order of Hermes can be awarded to individuals from military, government, civilian, or private sector positions (including academia, international, or non-governmental organizations).

The Silver Order of Hermes recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and moral character; displayed an outstanding degree of professional competence; contributed to bettering cognitive security knowledge and practice; and contributed to the promotion of cognitive security in ways that stand out in the eyes of the recipient’s seniors, subordinates and peers alike.

The Gold Order of Hermes is reserved for an elite few whose long-term dedication to the field of cognitive security has embodied an unmatched spirit, dignity, commitment, and selfless service. It recognizes the select few who stand above their colleagues and peers of the profession in terms of conspicuous, lifetime service for or on behalf of their Nation.

The Gold Order is the more distinguished of the two levels of the Order of Hermes. A recipient of the Silver Order of Hermes can be nominated for and receive a Gold Order of Hermes at a later date; however, a Gold Order of Hermes recipient is not eligible to receive a Silver Award.

A third level, The Rising Star Award, was established to recognize the next generation of thought and operational leaders in the cognitive security field. For example, nominations for this award may be the result of, but are not limited to, publications that contribute to the greater body of knowledge, events or actions of operational significance, or recognition for leadership development in the cognitive space.

Nominations and Awards

Nominations for all three Order of Hermes awards will be accepted on a rolling basis from any member in good standing of the Information Professionals Association (IPA). Those nominated need not be IPA members, but must meet the criteria for selection below. Nominees can be selected from military, government civilian or private sector positions (including academia, international or non-governmental organization).

Members are limited to one (1) nomination annually to maintain a high caliber of nominations. Members of the IPA Board of Directors or Board of Advisors may nominate someone for an Order of Hermes award using the criteria and process below.

Nominations will be reviewed and adjudicated within 60 days of submission. Award announcements will be made first to the nominator and winner, then posted on the IPA website. When appropriate, the Board of Advisors may facilitate award presentations at IPA-sponsored events, such as Phoenix Challenge.

Nominations for currently serving military members must be endorsed by the first O-6 in the chain of command.

Nomination Package

A nomination package shall include at a minimum:

  • Name and organizational affiliation of the nominee
  • Written statement from the nominator describing the achievements of the nominee leading to their eligibility
  • CV or resume for the nominee
  • O-6 endorsement memo (for military nominees only)
  • Supporting material determined relevant (for example, letters of support from senior military or civilian leaders; papers, books or articles related to the nomination, etc.).

Nominations for the Order of Hermes Rising Star Award and the Silver Order of Hermes Award will be adjudicated by the Board of Directors at the next regularly-scheduled board meeting following receipt of the complete nomination packet. Notification of the board’s decision will be made within one week of the board meeting.

Nominations for the Gold Order of Hermes Award will be adjudicated by the Board of Advisors following receipt of the complete nomination packet.  Because the Board of Advisors does not meet on a recurring, regularly scheduled basis, adjudication will be conducted virtually and deliberation meetings will be conducted as necessary.  Notification of the Board of Advisors’ decision will be made within two weeks to coordinate appropriate presentation events.

For more details on the Order of Hermes award, past winners, and to make a nomination, see here.