IPA Seeks Authors and Cognitive Security Thought Leaders

Attention Authors and Cognitive Security Thought Leaders!

IPA recently published new Blog Submission Guidelines. We welcome your submission of original content suitable for our professional community.

Cognitive Security is a field concerned with influence and protection from influence of large groups of media users and consumers both online and offline. Cognitive Security focuses on (1) the exploitation of cognitive biases in large public groups, (2) social influence as an end unto itself and (3) formality and quantitative measurement.

Topics of interest are wide ranging to include, but not limited to:

  • History of Information Warfare and Propaganda
  • Cyber and how it relates to Cognitive Security
  • Different threats posed by state and non-state enemies
  • Creating a Whole of Society Effort
  • Constitutional and Legal Matters
  • Psychology: How does the human mind work (or NOT work)?
  • Disinformation and fake news: How does it work? What can be done?
  • Impact of technological advances on disinformation
  • Governmental roles
  • Hybrid Warfare and implications for cognitive security
  • Partnerships
  • Various Western perspectives and cognitive security in other areas of the world

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your submissions.