Register Now for Phoenix Challenge 2 on June 22-24 in Charleston, SC

The Information Professionals Association is pleased to announce that registration is open for the next event in the Phoenix Challenge events series:

Phoenix Challenge 2: The 2022 DoD Symposium on Information Strategy and Political Warfare (SISPoW)

“Assessing Information Advantage Across the Four Defense Priorities”

When: June 22-24, 2022

Where: Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic, Charleston, South Carolina

What: The 2022 DoD Symposium on Information Strategy and Political Warfare (SISPoW) “Assessing Information Advantage Across the Four Defense Priorities

To Register:

The 2nd Annual DoD Symposium on Information Strategy and Political Warfare (SISPoW) is the successor conference to Cyber Endeavour, a conference that has endured for a decade. We have rebranded the conference name and have joined in the Phoenix Challenge conference series (we are Part 2) in order to be more inclusive of the strategies, operations, and tactics utilized in 21st century strategic competition. Rapid technological change is now the norm and tracking and adapting to what U.S. adversaries are conducting in the cyber, information, and other environments that are largely conducted beneath what is considered the international law of armed conflict (LOAC) is crucial. Strategic competition implies not conflict but gaining advantage in the international arena that tempers escalation but still signals to the adversary that its current behavior is unacceptable. Conducting the strategy of strategic competition with China and Russia will therefore largely involve operations in the cyber and information environments. These operations can also be dubbed “21st century political warfare” in honor of the statesman George Kennan who coined the phrase at the beginning of the Cold War. We now face a digital domain where liberal democracies are facing off against authoritarian regimes, and it is crucial that the United States, its allies, and partners win this new global fight.

This year’s symposium will cover an array of topics, as new doctrine for OIE through the forthcoming Joint Publication 3-04 will be replacing JP 3-13, and the Russia-Ukraine war has disrupted the global order for years to come. With emergent digital technology, the information environment is changing rapidly, and it is essential that the United States, its allies, and partners gain and maintain the information advantage in this new era of strategic competition. The 2022 National Defense Strategy has four overarching priorities, and this conference will assess how OIE can, will, and should be used to achieve the goals laid out in the NDS: 1. Defending the homeland, paced to the growing multi-domain threat posed by the PRC, 2. Deterring strategic attacks against the United States, Allies, and partners, 3. Deterring aggression, while being prepared to prevail in conflict when necessary, prioritizing the PRC challenge in the Indo-Pacific, then the Russia challenge in Europe, 4. Building a resilient Joint Force and defense ecosystem.

The first day of panels will flesh out the main findings of Phoenix Challenge 1, held in April of 2022. Next we will discuss the new JP 3-04 doctrine with representatives from the four branches, followed by a panel discussing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine in terms of OIE. The second day is full of panels taking on the four defense priorities and how we are/can/should be assessing OIE in the framework of these goals. The third day will wrap up with a panel featuring our allies and partners from around the globe, a panel featuring the private sector and innovation, and close with a segue to the INDOPACOM conference held in October in Hawaii.

The Symposium Attendees include a diverse audience of members from the public and private sectors, from DoD and subject matter experts from academia.

We hope for your participation and attendance in June! Please reach out to the DoD ISRC with any questions: