Senate Committee Approves Nominee to Lead U.S. Agency for Global Media

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted May 21 to approve the nomination of Michael Pack to lead the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which oversees Voice of America and other international broadcasting entities. Based on the Senate committee’s approval, Pack’s nomination is cleared to move to the full Senate floor for a vote in the coming weeks. Read more about the vote here.

The Information Professionals Association (IPA) previously posted a CNN interview with Matt Armstrong, former GOP Governor of the Broadcasting Board of Governors and IPA Advisor, regarding his concerns over the President’s nominee for the Agency for Global Media. As an organization, IPA seeks to remain non-partisan and impartial on domestic policy issues but includes members from across the political spectrum. As such we seek to inform debate for all of our membership and provide fair and balanced resources to our members.

Please see this additional article and editorial piece that offer additional insights into the discussion around Mr. Pack’s nomination.

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For those seeking more information on Mr. Pack’s credentials as a film-maker and documentarian, his profile on Wikipedia can be found here:”