Twitter’s 2018 Midterm Elections Review

Twitter released their comprehensive review of their efforts to protect the integrity of the public conversation from last year’s elections.¬† Read the press release¬†here and their report here. Some highlights:

Twitter tells us that they learned that (1) partnerships matter, (2) threats change, and (3) cross-functional is key. Seems very reasonable, if not universal…

More than 99 million Tweets were sent throughout the entire election cycle with most coming from individuals expressing their views. The amount of tweets may be worth a note.

Twitter highlighted domestic attempts at voter suppression with new policies, and removing about 6,000 Tweets from groups practicing voter intimidation or false information about voting.

Foreign IO appeared much less prevalent in 2018 and this may be due to Twitter’s proactive suspensions prior to the election. Last year’s data is available for those who want to take a closer look.

Read their report HERE.