Heritage – Deep Fakes, A Looming Challenge

2 Responses
  1. Fred Cohen

    It’s not the “deep fakes” we need to worry about at this point. It’s the trivial ones that are being used in high volume to great effect. Primacy and recency of the message is what wins the mind. And of course the big lie wins by its repetition.

    1. Tim Anderson

      I see deep fakes as directly related to primacy and recency of the message. Certainly, topics like this need a variety of efforts over different timelines. On the IPA R&D website, past postings get at the problem. This Deep Fakes event was included in that it is an increasing issue for cognitive security or as Senator Rubio stated, “… the capability to do all of this is real and it exists now. The willingness exists now. All that is missing is the execution and we are not ready for it, we are not ready for it. Not as a people, not as a political branch, not as a media, not as a country. We are not ready for this threat and maybe it will be Russia, they are the likeliest culprit but it could be anybody from a transnational group to cyber hoodlums and vigilantes who think they are going to take people on …”

      Senator Rubio’s remarks are on Youtube (4:40-17:40) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH7v46gCNno