Responding to Russia’s Attacks on Democracy – Briefing Summary

On 10 January Tim Anderson attended a presentation at the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. where Senator Cardin (D-MD) unveiled a report on Russian hybrid warfare.

The first slide (attachment at link below) has the web address for the report.  The slides include the report’s recommendations along with Q&A that I attempted to capture.

This was televised on CSPAN and I suspect transcripts are available online as well.


Responding to Russia’s Attacks on Democracy – Briefing Summary

2 Responses
  1. Lewis Shepherd

    Thanks for posting the slides, good summary. Caught my interest so I found the full PDF (though not at the URL cited on the report’s front page, which didn’t work) here:

    I especially like the valuable Appendix H, pps 195-199, on themes and techniques (TTPs really) in Russia’s disinformation – short but quite interesting.

  2. Fred Cohen

    They don’t mention the “reflexive control” aspects that I would expect to have evolved into the current methodologies. Does anyone have detailed literature on the progress of this aspect of the Russian approach?